The Czechoslovak border is fenced in barbed wire and the freedom is a word that is not allowed to call out. Jan Böhm was also hit by the huge outcry of the regime. He was a world-famous grower of the roses in Blatná and he cultivated a rare kind of the breed made from wild roses. His orchard was nationalized as well as the nearby castle distillery in Blatná. And in this year the unique formula of herbal beverage was born. It combines the power of Bohemian Forest herbs with an extract of wild rose hips and wild rose berries. Today, after many years, the liquor Wilder reborn and comes with its taste and celebration of natural desire for unbridled freedom.


Unique herbal liqueur made from 43 herbs.


Temperature: 20 °C
Maturity: Ready, but will keep
Combine: Digestiv, alone


Alcohol: 35 %


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