Fruit brandy is the simplest and at the same time the most difficult thing that the master distiller can start doing. At the beginning, there is just plain fruit and water, but at the end you get a perfectly refined drink, whose simplicity is just an illusion. The masterful Blaten brandy is based mainly on devotion of the producer. Baron Jan Hildrprandt and Václav Sitner share such devotion. The nobility of the one and the common sense of the other are in this case surprisingly close. And that is why their meeting in 1992 meant the restoration of the traditional production of the Blatná fruit spirits in a way that is typical of both of them. Therefore, in their common chateau distillery, they distil the Czech fruit harvested in the current year. They patiently manage the fermentation so that the aroma is not lost. The kvass is distilled three times, and the distillate is left to mature for a long time to breathe out duly. Then they only add the belief to their long-standing art that extraordinary things can naturally arise even from the most ordinary ones.

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