Premium pear distillate of fruit from southern Bohemia. Thanks a unique 4-fold distillation is obtained ultra fine and clean distillate, which matures one year in enamelled tanks. Enjoy the soft and delicate pear distillate from distillery of Blatná.


Structure: pear distillate
Temperature: 20 °C
To drink: Now, however, possible to store
Combine: Digestif


Alcohol: 42,5 %
Vinification: Fruit distillates are distilled two-stage distillation, and it now 4x. This process is achieved by reducing the hydrocarbon content in the liquid. The resulting spirit is cleaner and smoother. This is immediately recognize its taste. Subsequently the spirit matures one year in enamelled tanks. For production was used water from the local well, which is 35 m deep. Water is high quality, which is constantly monitored. Before using is water demineralization and so the final product might not be lyophilised. Thanks this operating procedure final product keeps all the flavors and aromas.

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