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    It was founded in 1952
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LIQUI B - Castle Destillery and Brewery Blatná

In 1812, baron František Hildprandt built a sugar factory in the very near of Blatná Castle, which was rebuilt into distillery in 1885. Since that time there was handed down the production not only of ethyl alcohol but also final products, especially fruit distillates. The distillery was incorporated into the West- Bohemian distilleries after the World War II. It was passed within the restitution back into the ownership of Hildprandt family. The owners´ effort is to build on the family traditions and produce high-quality distillates according to family recipes.

Nowadays our company belongs among the largest producers and exporters of fruit distillates in the Czech Republic. The area near Lnáře Castle is used for production of raw ethyl alcohol, a basis for herbal liqueurs and vodka production. Then the area near Blatná castle itself is used for production of fruit distillates. Unfortunately, that area was flooded in 2002, however, thanks to considerable effort of the owners and employees it was repaired and modernized. The production was equipped by the latest technology based on considerable investment. It makes possible the consecutive productivity growth, and especially ensure the top quality of our spirits.