Baron Hildprandt was inspired by the quality and quantity of fruit in South Bohemia and in 1885 he founded the castle distillery directly across the street from his water castle in Blatná. It was built instead of former sugar factory from the year 1812. When the distillery was founded, he had no idea that later his family will be forced to leave the Czech Republic for next hundred years and settle down in Ethiopia.

The destiny of his family is literally taken by the credo that is written on the ancestral coat of arms -"Through difficulties to glory". In the middle of the last century the Hildprandt family lost all their possessions, and was violently evicted from Bohemia land. They lived in Ethiopia for some time, later in Germany and the Hildprandts came back to Czech Republic at the beginning of the nineties.

Nowadays the castle distillery gives the glory not only to traditional liqueurs and fernet, but also to fruity liquor Baron Hildprandt. The production is carefully supervised by distillery master Václav Šitner, the president of the Distillery Union.


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