In the historical heart of Blatna, right next to the picturesque castle with a fabulous garden, we combine the tradition of brewing with joy and love for the job. Blatná is our beloved home and that means the whole world to us. We come from this region, we care about it and it won our hearts. That the reason we stay true to more than 500 years old tradition of brewing in the town of Blatná. All with humility, passion and style of ours.

Town Blatná obtained the first brewing permit from Zdeněk Lev from Rožmitál in 1489. The beer was brewed in the town and lordly brewery. In 1896 lordly brewery became famous manor Castle Brewery in Blatná. The beer was brewed almost a hundred years there, until October 1978. In this year the object was not fit to fulfil its capacity anymore, so the production moved to a modern brewery in Strakonice. The part of the original local steam equipment is still seen in Brewery Museum in Pilsen, the rest of it is permanently lost.

The last batch of flavorful, balanced beer in Blatná was brewed by brewer Karel Mourek. Since then, the local people could not enjoy their beloved lager despite of the fact it was considered as a best Czech beer right after the ledendary Pilsner Urquell.
Nostalgia and the desire to continue a long tradition of brewing brought us back to the idea of restoring the famous brewery in the town of Blatná. Today, after 38 years, we come back to this tradition. The old brewery was located right next to the contemporary distillery and the brewery chimney with nesting storks is still prominent landmark. However, there are placed the storage tanks for distillates today, which were impossible to move and was necessary to place the production of the beer to spare space. Today the brewery is renewed and is in the place of former fridge where the ice was stored in the old days.
There are brewed two kinds of beer in Blatná. The malt, used in pilsner lager, comes from Moravia, Pilsner region and Bavaria. The Czech hops is taken from Žatec region in tree varieties: Saaz hops as a basis, Premiant hops and Sládek hops for its balancing flavour. The water, using for brewing the beer, is drawn directly from artesian wells that are situated in the brewery area. Thanks to its high quality it is not necessary further regulation. In comparison with typical light lager there is used unroasted malt in semi- dark lager. It gets its typical sweet taste and colour.

The best ingredients and a lot of experience in brewing are connected with our enthusiasm, respect, but also a hunger for the experiment. Every day we are working on improving the recipe and the development of new modern flavors, which carry heritage of the past days. All of it we want to pass you. Our goal is to inspire and delight. We want to make a perfect finish of your working day as a result of our work.
We love beer, we like to produce it and we are proud of our county and town. It will be our pleasure, if you'll feel the same enjoyment from your work too and the rest of the day will be celebrated with one cold beer Blatenský kohout.


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