Liqui B - Zámecký ovocný lihovar Blatná


In 1812 baron Frantisek Hildprandt built a sugar refinery in a close proximity to Blatna’s Castle. In 1885 the refinery was reconstructed into a distillery. After Second World War the distillery was incorporated into West Bohemia distilleries. Then after the Velvet Revolution in 1989 the distillery was returned back to its formal owners, the Hildprandts. The main aim of Hildprandts was to continue in the family tradition and produce high quality products using old family recipes.


Currently Liqui B is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of fruit spirits in the Czech Republic. Our premises near Lnare’s Castle are used to produce unrefined alcohol which is then used in creating herbal liquors and vodka. Our second premises near Blatna’s Castle are used to produce fruit spirits such as kirsch, plum, yellow plum, apple, cherry and pear brandies. Our products are created using high quality fruits sourced mainly from South Bohemia region.

Expansion of our distillery has allowed us to incorporate the latest technology and equipment maintaining the highest quality in our products. Our two stage distillation process using Pot Still method creates true distillates with no need for additives.
Continued use of traditional recipes along with flawless process enables us to export to other European Union countries.


Plzeňská 315, 388 01 Blatná, Czech Republic

+420 383 422 523